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Caravan Essentials For Caravanning Families

If you’re hoping to set out on your first caravanning adventure this summer, after lockdown restrictions have been lifted, we’ve got a handy checklist of all the essentials needed for a great caravan break away. 

Even if you’re an avid caravanner and haven’t ventured out in your caravan since last year. This handy checklist will help you remember all the necessities you need to make your next staycation a success. 

Caravan Steps

Unlike your home front door, your caravan door won’t be level with the garden path or hallway. Your caravan door could be a good 2’ off the ground. 

You don’t want to be jumping down from or climbing up into your caravan. We recommend investing in a sturdy step or two-rung set. No one wants a sprained ankle on holiday. 

Caravan Water and Waste Containers

Here at Riverside all our serviced pitches have a water connection and grey waste disposal to make your holiday as hassle free as possible. However, if you’re venturing further a field you may find that water and their waste containers are a must. 

Plastic jerry cans are essential to collecting any water needed but if a site’s water supply is some way off from your pitch then it pays to invest in a roller container. One each for fresh and waste water. Don’t use one for both! 

Caravan Toilet Chemicals

These are obviously a must have. Make sure you keep your caravan toilet clean, fresh and germ free with caravan toilet chemicals. These are different to what you’d usually use for your household toilets so make sure you get the right stuff. We always stock plenty in our site shop if you can’t access any before you leave. 

Alternatively you could always consider a ‘toilet tent’ for use away from your caravan.


When you’re on the road forget the household china. It’s heavy, breaks or chips and doesn’t impress anyone. Make sure you invest in a good caravan friendly set of crockery. A 16-piece Melamine crockery set for around £30 should suffice. Any ordinary cutlery set will do, you can grab some great bargains from Ikea or Wilkos and we’d always recommend picking up some spares, you never know when you need that extra knife. 

Basic Toolkit

You’ll definitely regret it if you leave home without one. A hard, rubber-headed mallet, wrench, small crowbar, screwdriver, and socket sets should be enough for common problems. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll come in handy. 

First Aid Kit

When you’re out and about and away from home, bumps and grazes are inevitable. You should always have a first aid kit in your car, but buy one for your caravan too so it’s always instantly to hand. Also make sure all the family know where it is in case of a crisis. Also make sure to keep it stocked up regularly so you don’t run out of the essentials. 

Caravan Leisure Battery

A leisure battery is an essential that no caravanner will leave home without! At around £60 for 70ah and £90 or 115ah they don’t break the bank. Just remember to keep them charged! 

You can find a good guide to leisure batteries here.

Caravan Awning

Fitted to the side of a caravan, a full awning can more than double your living area. Canopy and porch awnings don’t offer the same living space, so it’s a matter of weighing cost against space required. 

Also don’t forget to buy an awning groundsheet. You wouldn’t go camping in a tent without one.


A toolbox is an obvious accessory for summer travelling. However, acquiring ice or freezing the toolbox tablets could be a problem. For around £80 you can buy a battery charged box, and with all this hot weather we think it’s a very good investment. 

Bedding Or Sleeping Bags

Duvets vs sleeping bags – the age old camping sleeping dilemma. Either or you decide. Whichever you prefer, try to avoid using them for outside use. If they get damp you’re in for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. 

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Here at Riverside all our premium hardstanding pitches are fully serviced with electric hook ups, water, TV hook up and waste facilities, making your touring holiday with us as easy as possible. 

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