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How To Prepare Your Caravan For Winter

Thinking of preparing your caravan for winter? As the cold weather rolls in it’s important to make sure your caravan is kept in tip top condition. No matter if you’re an all-weather camper, prepared to face colder climates or a seasonal traveller and in need of packing your van down for the winter; it’s important to make sure your van is ready to face the winter months. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

It may all seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re new to caravanning but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Follow our top tips below and you can guarantee your caravan will be ready and raring to go whatever the weather!

All-Year Round Caravanners

If you use your caravan all-year round, and temperatures are likely to fall between trips, the following steps will help to protect it:

Drain the water system. Before returning home, turn off the water supply from the drain down valve. Turn the taps on and let any water run through until there is none left in the pipes. Leave all the taps in the open position so frozen water can expand and not cause damage.

Remove the top of your Aquaroll before storing.

Charge the battery every few weeks – if possible.

Turn the gas bottles off.

Keep the fridge and freezer doors ajar.

Correctly inflated tyres are a must. It’s also a good opportunity to check the tyre’s date of manufacture which can be found on the sidewall in a four-digit (month and year) format.

Secure your caravan. We would always recommend adding and securing hitch locks and wheel locks for extra security.

Storing Your Caravan For The Winter

If you plan on parking your van up for the winter, take a look at our additional tips below:

Give the inside a good clean. Forgotten crumbs or unseen spillages can become mouldy if left unattended.

Airflow is your friend. Make life a little easier by pulling the seating/bedding cushions an inch or so away from the wall.

If you have an inboard water filter, moisture can sit next to the threads and crack the housing if it freezes. Either remove the filter or change it before using again.

Leaving the blinds down for extended periods can weaken the internal springs. If you’d like to screen the inside of your caravan it may be better to close the curtains.

The ‘blade’ in the toilet cassette can become stuck against the rubber seal if left closed for long periods. Thetford sell a lubricant for the rubber seal, or olive oil is a handy substitute.

Moisture traps that use dehumidifying crystals can be extremely effective and remove surprising amounts of water from the air inside your caravan. Although some may need regular maintenance.

Batteries hate the cold and unless your security precautions require a permanent 12-volt supply, it may be prudent to remove it and store in a warm(er) part of the garage. Keep it topped up by charging every few weeks.

To cover or not to cover. Breathable covers keep out the elements surprisingly well. If you choose to cover up during winter, make sure your caravan is clean as road grime is a surprisingly effective abrasive. Don’t forget to cover the hitch as well.

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