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Common Caravan Maintenance Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Did you know the UK has over 550,000 caravans on the road with more than 2 million people a year taking holiday with their caravans across the UK. The industry saw a further boost in sales this summer, as Coronavirus meant that brits couldn’t holiday abroad, turning to good old fashioned staycations as an alternative. 

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of freedom of driving in the outdoors and being able to park and stay anywhere you want. 

Have you bought or are thinking of buying a new or used caravan? 

A caravan is a big investment – it’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life. 

Curious to know how to take care of your home on wheels to see it last as long as possible? Well we’ve put together the top 7 caravan maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Keep reading to learn what can go wrong and how to avoid losing value on your caravan for as long as possible. 

1. Neglecting Window Seals 

Weather sealing and insulating your caravan’s windows will keep the air inside healthy for you and the caravan. If you fail to seal your windows properly rain will leak in. With leaks come water damage, damp, and mould – all of which can be easily avoided with some self-adhesive weather stripping. 

Before you head out on the open road, include window inspections on your pre-trip checklist. This is especially important if you’ve not been out in your van in a while. Check all the window edges for a waterproof seal when you wash down the outside of the windows. If there are any leaks repair them before the damage has a chance to take hold. 

2. Misusing the Fridge 

A common mistake many caravan owners make is to use your caravan’s mini fridge like you do your fridge at home. Unlike household fridges, caravan fridges aren’t designed to keep large amounts of food and drinks on hand. 

Keep only a few items in the fridge and make sure it’s turned off when it’s not needed. A large cooler with ice works well for the occasional BBQ. Also limiting the amount of time you use appliances lengthens their expected lifespan. 

3. Skipping Cleanings

A clean caravan is not only more comfortable but cleaning is the cornerstone of caravan maintenance. 

Our Top Tools For Caravan Cleaning: 

– Wood oils and polish 

– Brushes and shampoo for upholstery

– Rags and oil for hinges 

– Multi-purpose cleaning spray and hand towels 

It’s good to get into the habit of cleaning every surface of your caravan regularly. Clean surfaces maintain their like-new appearance longer. 

When cleaning your caravan keep an eye out for damp. Excess moisture in an enclosed space like a caravan breeds mould and bacteria that can rot your caravan to its frame.

4. Not Maintaining Tyres 

It makes good sense to take special care of your tyres, especially if you’re planning to tow over long distances. The last thing you need is a tyre blow out when you’re on the move or a flat before you start out. The good news is that the majority of tyre problems can be prevented with proper tyre maintenance. 

Before setting out on the road check the tyre’s air pressure and for any wear or tear. Rotate and change your tyres every few years. Your chances of tyre mishap will increase the longer you let your tyres wear. 

5. Overloading 

Packing for a long trip or extended stay can easily get out of hand, especially if you’re travelling as a family. But a heavy and overloaded caravan will put stress on the chassis and could even break it. A caravan can hold a lot of weight but it’s important not to overdo it. 

Do your best to keep the weight down. Pack as much of your gear as possible in your car and try and keep the living areas clear.

Need some tips on de-cluttering your caravan? Check out our blog post on how to keep your home away from home spick and span with our top 10 storage hacks for your caravan.

6. Undervaluing Safety & Preparation

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail! It’s a good idea to write up a safety checklist and conduct regular inspections, making sure that all safety equipment is on board and fully functional. 

Here are our recommendations for what you might like to include: 

– Standard first-aid kit 

– Hand tools 

– Hand fire extinguisher 

– Emergency road kit 

– Spare tyre and jack 

– Extra fuel and propane 

– Extra food and drinking water 

7. Not Stowing Properly 

Many caravan owners only use their caravans once or twice a year. When you are not using your caravan it’s important to keep it stowed properly. 

Here at Riverside we offer our visitors the facility of storing their caravans in one of our secure compounds, meaning they are safely parked up when not in use. If you’re thinking of storing your caravan we’d recommend investing in a caravan cover to protect it from the elements.

Find out more about storing your caravan with us here.  

Other tips and tricks: 

Budget for Maintenance 

Protect your investment by mindfully keeping to a caravan maintenance budget. Work out all your expenses and maintain a routine schedule for taking care of your caravan. This should help prevent any nasty surprises catching you unawares. 

Avoid Rough Conditions 

Finally, the best way to keep your caravan from wearing and breaking down is to avoid rough conditions if you can. Stay off poorly maintained dirt roads etc. whenever possible. 

As Good As New

Well there you have it our lowdown on how to keep your caravan in tip top condition for years to come! We’ll look forward to seeing you and your caravan sometime soon. 

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